Taking apart a Brikon 723 floppy drive analyzer

Keith Monahan keithvz at verizon.net
Mon Jun 15 21:48:18 CDT 2009

So in my hunt to find more information on switches I want to 
clean/replace(that was mentioned in another thread), I took this Brian 
Instruments Brikon 723 floppy drive analyzer apart.

I've taken my share of equipment apart, but I can't believe the size of 
the components inside.  Can someone help me make sense of this design?

I find no fewer than 4 HUGE transformers:

(2) Pacific 0288 DP100-16
(1) Pacific 0288 DP100-28
(1) Pacific 0388 DP30-36

There appear to be (7) terminals on each transformer.  Maybe +,-,GND on 
the primary AC side, and then (4) terminals on the secondary DC side?? I 
guess all (4) terminals would be the same voltage?

I've emailed Pacific for the datasheets --- I doubt they are current 

Then, there are these huge capacitors, (8) Frako 3300uf ones.

There are about 20 leds and 20 switches on the front panel, which are 
not easily accessible from the back side.  The front panel has a half 
dozen 7-segment LEDs.

One of the more prominent socketed chips is a Burr-Brown DAC80-CBI-V.

There are a few daughter cards with a bunch of 74LS logic chips.  There 
are other ICs that I can't get to without going deeper into the teardown.

There's a decent size fan on the back of the unit for cooling.

I guess I'm at a loss for the transformers.  Why 4?  So that you have 
separate stable sources of DC power so that the pull from one doesn't 
affect the others?  Can I replace the power circuits with something 
smaller and newer?

The transformers and caps make up easily 1/2 the total size inside the 
chassis and easily 75% of the weight.



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