Intersil EPROM

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You are correct sir. I had forgotten about the dark ages of 4000 Series 10
Volt Bulk CMOS. It's all coming back to me now, the night sweats and the
flashbacks....  I think I even have a 10 Volt CDP1802 lurking in a drawer

I've been looking for another 10 Volt CMOS EPROM without any luck. Looks
like building a programmer for the parts he has might be the best approach.
If we knew the source for the EPROM data we might be able to kludge up a
Willem ( sp? ) programmer to program a part....

Best regards, Steven

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> On 15 Jun 2009 at 3:31, Scanning wrote:
> > I think it is highly unlikely that the Vcc in his circuit is anything
> > but 5 VDC. The designer would have to be a real dumbass to do
> > otherwise.... Besides, it's easy enough to measure and remove all
> > doubt... I recommended a 27C16 not a 2716 ( and yes I know the Vcc is
> > the same ).
> Consider the age of this piece of gear.  If it uses old-style (4000
> series) CMOS for other things, the use of a 10 volt Vdd/Vcc has
> advantages--increased speed and noise immunitity being the chiefest.
> Would this piece of equipment be too new to use HTL?
> --Chuck

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