Hardware Hobbyists vs. Emulator Jockeys

Roger Holmes roger.holmes at microspot.co.uk
Tue Jun 16 13:48:34 CDT 2009

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> From: Eric Smith <eric at brouhaha.com>
> Roger Holmes wrote:
>> The IBM 360 was I understand announced in 1965, probably shipped  
>> quite
>> soon after.
> IBM announced the series including six models on April 7, 1964, with
> deliveries of small configurations predicted for third quarter of  
> 1965,
> and large configurations for the first quarter of 1966.
> Eric

Thanks for the clarification. So 1964-1959 = 5, 1965.75-1962 = 3.75  
and 1966-1962 = 4 so the 360 was around 4 years later that the 1301.  
Wiped the floor with it though. The only thing 1300 had going for it  
was sterling arithmetic in hardware. In case anyone's interested the  
programmer could set a register to the ten shillings position. Digits  
to the left were normal decimal, the digit itself carried at two, the  
(shilling) digit to the right carried at 10 as normal, and the next  
digit (pence) to the right carried at 12, digits further to the right  
carried at 10, so if you wanted to calculate in farthings (quarters of  
a penny) you could set it up to have two digits to the right of pence.  
In all this gave the machine a range of plus or minus 4,999,999pounds  
19shillings and 11.99pence, or if you didn't want farthings, plus or  
minus 499,999,999pounds 19shillings and 11pence, which in 1962 was a  
LOT of money! The Bank of England had a pair of 1301s.

Roger Holmes.

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