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Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Sat Jun 13 05:02:31 CDT 2009

Brad Parker <brad at heeltoe.com> wrote:

> Eric Smith wrote:
>> > Brad Parker wrote:
>>> >> I did a "direct decode" pdp-11 in verilog recently just to see how 
>>> >> big it would be (and because I was frustrated with the pop-11 
>>> >> project).  It fits nicely & boots RT11 at 50mhz.
>> > At that speed, surely it hasn't finished booting RT11 yet!
> sorry, I don't get the joke.  clock is 50mhz, or 20ns; each state is one 
> clock and on average
> an instruction is 3 states.  I calculated 10mips.  it seems to boot much 
> faster than my 11/44  :-) 
> what did I miss?

That case matters. :-)

m = milli
M = Mega


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