NEC uPD7220/GDC Design Manual

Henk Gooijen henk.gooijen at
Wed Jun 17 14:34:47 CDT 2009

--- On Wed, 6/10/09, Andrew Lynch wrote:
> From: Andrew Lynch 
> Subject: NEC uPD7220/GDC Design Manual
> To: cctalk at
> Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 8:45 PM
> Hi! Does anyone have the NEC uPD7220/GDC Design Manual?
> I am looking for one as part of research on building a home
> brew NEC 7220 video board.
> Thanks and have a nice day!
> Andrew Lynch

I waited with a response, assuming that somebody has the manual
you are looking for.  I am not 100% sure, but I might have that
manual. I am sure that I do have _a_ NEC 7220 GDC manual, and
I remember (15+ years ago) that I used that manual to write a
BASIC program to calculate register values based on the timing
parameters for the VDU. I don't remember if the manual contained
hardware info, it might. Next time I am in the old house, I will
search for the manual in the attic. Perhaps this weekend ...
- Henk.

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