Further Emulator Discussion

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 14:41:06 CDT 2009

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> On 16 Jun 2009 at 14:21, Jules Richardson wrote:
>> I'm sure a recording of line printers etc. can be found and played
>> back at many decibels. I can set you up in our barn in the middle of
>> MN with a supply of potato chips and laptop running the emulator if
>> you want - how does next Jan sound? I'll even show up periodically and
>> yell at you about being behind schedule.
> Bring a bunch of roaches, mice and crickets too, just to complete the 
> sense of "atmosphere".  

Mice and crickets I can do - not sure about roaches, but maybe the vast number 
of ticks in the woods can act as stand-ins?

 >  Not to mention psycopathic co-workers...

Those are in short supply here, thankfully - I think you'll have to pack your 
own... :-)

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