Hardware Hobbyists vs. Emulator Jockeys

Dan Roganti ragooman at comcast.net
Wed Jun 17 18:44:36 CDT 2009

Jim Brain wrote:
> Just because I'm curious:
> How do folks feel about those who are interested in extending the life 
> of vintage machines by integrating them with newer technologies?  
> That's my interest, allowing both existing and a new class of users to 
> enjoy a vintage platform by making it easy to utilize the vintage 
> platform with contemporary ones.

I don't see why new users can't enjoy the same original hardware as 
those of use who grew up on this. I disagree with using newer 
technologies up to a certain point. Whether you want to restore some 
files with a modern disk drive because you might be without enough 
equipment or build a new cpu design by mixing in modern components.

I think you get to experience the thoughts and nuances when using 
original parts in a computer design created 30/40 yrs ago - as in, how 
to test,program,debug,etc  the original hardware. What's the point in 
restoring vintage equipment of you like to 'circumvent' the original 
design by using something which didn't exist for that particular era. As 
in the case of using a replacement modern drive to sustain an existing 
system, is reasonable, but it's more fun to find something original 
afterwards. It might be expensive for some to buy 8" floppy drives now, 
but you can still get 5-1/4" floppy drives inexpensively. The 
alternative drive systems using faster drives and GB of storage , I 
think, just loses appeal with the aspect of restoring vintage hardware - 
I think it shows you have less patience for old hardware.

It's so easy to mix in modern components in an IC design - heaven forbid 
if people want to gut their transistors machines and install a cards 
replaced with 7474 dual FF chips. Using modern technology is the easy 
way out - try learning how it was done then. I do think some people like 
to wonder at work involved with the vintage technology still.


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