Hardware Hobbyists vs. Emulator Jockeys

bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Wed Jun 17 19:32:12 CDT 2009

Dan Roganti wrote:

> It's so easy to mix in modern components in an IC design - heaven forbid 
> if people want to gut their transistors machines and install a cards 
> replaced with 7474 dual FF chips. Using modern technology is the easy 
> way out - try learning how it was done then. I do think some people like 
> to wonder at work involved with the vintage technology still.

I consider vintage hardware is from the tube era. And before we start on
"how tough it was back then", it did have the advantage of hand on experience.
Right now I am trying to figure the warm of time for a vacuum tube amp,
I am trying to use some VR tubes for my next project, and I am trying to
figure out if I will have ample starting voltage. The gotya is I have two
VR tubes in series and I can't figure the starting voltage from the data sheets.
This is check with the real hardware stuff.

> =Dan

I plan to do a computer in CPLD's but I plan to start with just a front panel
and some CPLD's , a clock and some memory ... then later I can add
a second board with I/O.  This way I can start small and progress in stages.

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