Any PACE users out there?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Jun 17 21:12:45 CDT 2009

On 17 Jun 2009 at 17:21, Eric Smith wrote:

> One problem with taking advantage of a PACE chip (free or otherwise)
> is that the I/O pads aren't compatible with TTL, or with much of
> anything else either.  The specs are very strange.  National made some
> buffer and transceiver chips designed to work with it, but of course
> they are even more like unobtanium these days than the PACE itself.  I
> suspect that the easiest thing to interface to it nowdays would be
> CD4000B series CMOS logic, which is extremely slow, but then so is the

That's exactly what I did.  The various PACE interface chips 
(STE,MILE, etc)  were expensive and not easy to findt, so I made do.  
That was also my first exposure to 4000 series CMOS logic.

The whole thing pretty much filled up an S100 prototype card.  Lotsa 


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