Printer rant

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Thu Jun 18 00:04:21 CDT 2009

Brian Lanning wrote:
> So I buy this lightly used "working" HP 4100n from ebay.  They only
> allow pickups during the day, so my wife heads over to get it.  I get
> home... the back cover is missing.   Luckily they find it.  She heads
> back over and picks it up.  I put it on, plug it in... no toner
> cartridge.  The guy hopes I'll understand.  So I order a toner
> cartridge from ebay.  I get it today, put paper in it... it jams every
> time.   So I start taking things apart and notice that the fuser is
> hosed, chunks are coming out of it.  So I ordered a new fuser from
> ebay tonight.  My money is on the fuser not fixing the paper jam
> problem.
> I would never do this to someone.  Am I weird?

Get your money back.  Ebay has a policy that should help.  If you paid 
with Paypal, so much the better.

Peace...  Sridhar

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