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Steve Maddison steve at cosam.org
Thu Jun 18 03:02:15 CDT 2009

>>> It turns out that kelvin.com has a US$30 minimum order.  Anyone 
>>> interested in participating in a group buy?
>> If you're talking about their part number 430068, please put me down 
>> for three.
> That's the one.  Here's an URL for anyone who wants it:
> http://www.kelvin.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?
> Screen=PROD&Store_Code=K&Product_Code=430068&
> Product_Count=&Category_Code=

I'd like one if you're prepared to ship it to Europe. If any other 
Europeans want in on the deal, I'd be happy to redistribute a bulk 
shipment at this end.


Steve Maddison

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