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Brian Lanning brianlanning at
Thu Jun 18 11:14:47 CDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Mr Ian Primus<ian_primus at> wrote:
> Check the whole paper path for bits of paper, paper clips, shredded fuser bits, junk, etc. That kind of an error is usally an obstruction or something. Take out the toner cartridge, fuser, transfer roller, etc, and blow all the dust and crud out of the paper path. Check that the transfer roller bushings are good and that it turns freely. Check that there's not a bit of paper stuck in the registration assembly. There are also two sensor flags in the fuser (an entry and an exit). Check to be sure that a bit of fuser hasn't gotten stuck in them... Also, if I remember correctly, there's a little conveyor belt looking thing in there too - make sure nothing is preventing it from moving freely. Honestly, with some of these printers, I wind up taking out the paper tray, the fuser, toner, everything you can easily remove, and turn them upside down and shake. It's amazing the crud that falls into a printer. I fixed a nagging jam problem in one machine by just
>  cleaing out the paper clips.
> But, if your fuser is that torn up, I can just about garuntee you'll get a ton of jams in the fuser. But the paper should at least make it there. Manually turn through the fuser by turning the gear, and make sure that the ragged edges are "smooth" and won't catch easily on the paper.
>> Is that the 13.5 that appears on the display or is it
>> something else?
> Yeah, that's all - but the status log give a history of jams, in case you can't reproduce the problem, or if you want to see all the other places the  paper is getting stuck. I generally have to resort to that, since intermittent jams always seem to behave themselves when I'm present. :)

Thanks for the info.  I'll have another look at it tonight.

I remember the shake-the-printer-upsidedown trick from laserjet 2s and
3s.  Those printers would literally unscrew themselves.  Screws would
work their way out and fall into the mechanism.

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