Computer Graphics History Museum Release 0.1: Visible Storage

Mike Ross mross666 at
Fri Jun 19 13:21:36 CDT 2009

> Wow, sounds cool.  Is the PS390 a raster display?  One piece of 
> hardware I'd really enjoy seeing again is the PS300.  This was a 
> really high-end vector display for CAD work.  The best configurations 
> had knob boxes and keyboards with alphanumeric LED legends you could 
> set.  The quality of the display is something I've never seen 
> duplicated, even on modern LCD panels.
> Do any of these still exist?  SLC would seem like a better than 
> average place to find one

I have a PS300, possibly two, with all the displays, keyboards, dials and buttons, manuals, and software for the host system. I gave an additional unit to Jim Austin in the UK.

Later this year I hope to start playing with it, will get material online in my copious free time.


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