One for Tony or other HP fetishists I suspect

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jun 19 12:53:51 CDT 2009

> > It is a computer, both in terms of the intenral architecture and the
> > facilities it provides to the user, IMHO. Or at least I can't think  
> > of a
> > sane defintion of 'computer' that would exclude it.
>    You said "sane definition"...that's the key.  Most of the unwashed  
> masses today will say "It's a calculator!"  "Where's the mouse?"   
> "Where's the 'start' button?"

This is classiccmp ;-). Most of the machines here don't have mide or 
'start buttons' :-). If you're going to consider things like KIM1s to be 
'computers' it's very hard to exclude the HP41..

How many 'calculators' do you know of that can be linked to a couple of 
3.5" disk drives, a pen plotter, an inkjet printer, an RS232 interface, 
an HPIB interface, an 80 column video display and an ADC unit all at the 
same time. I've done that with an HP41.


>            -Dave
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> Dave McGuire
> Port Charlotte, FL

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