Hardware Hobbyists vs. Emulator Enthusiasts vs Replica Recreators

Ray Arachelian ray at arachelian.com
Sat Jun 20 11:04:59 CDT 2009

Warren Wolfe wrote:
> There have been some incredibly good posts on this subject.  Not to
> denigrate anyone else's excellent input, but Ray, your description
> deserves to be recorded somewhere, like perhaps a Wikipedia entry
> "What is the point of collecting old computers" or some such.  Simply.
> Freaking. Brilliant.
Glad you think so.

So Tony, perhaps you could join in, in the same style and write up a bit
of what you love about old hardware and keeping it running, what's
enjoyable and rewarding about it, etc.

Did anyone build a replica?  If so, perhaps you could write a bit about
what you enjoyed about that, and how you went about it, and we can put
all the stuff together into a single article explaining the joys of our
hobby?  I'd guess it should be kept generic, not mentioning any specific
system so as to attract readers to the hobby rather than to a specific
machine or interest.

So we have hardware work, emulator work, and replica work.  Any other
big field I've missed that can be part of this hobby of ours?  Perhaps
why we actually collect and how we go about obtaining machines,
peripherals, data, and how we let others know not to throw out old
machines, but to let us know about them first so they can be rescued?

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