DEC KM11 Question

dundas at dundas at
Sat Jun 20 18:29:20 CDT 2009


>>From what I've been able to tell, these boards can be used for
> diagnosing things at the microcode level on (at least) the first
> generation microcoded Unibus PDP 11's (11/35, 11/45, 11/05) as well as
> diagnosis of the RK11 disk controllers (with an appropriate plastic
> overlay for the indicator lights).  The question I have is can this be
> used on an 11/34a to step through the microcode?

I'm not an expert on either the KM11 or the /34a, though I too have a
working /34a.  AFAIK, the KM11 is not compatible with the /34a.  However,
in addition to the processors mentioned above, I believe the /70 can take
advantage of two (one for the CPU, one for the FP11?), and the RK05 can
take one [both of which I also have].  Fairly certain there are a good
number of other peripherals that can use the KM as well.

Wish I could come across a pair.  Someday when I'm wealthy I'll buy the
kit from Guy.


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