Installing and running other OS than RT11 and XXDP (with TU58 emu) or BSD (with Vtserver)

SPC spedraja at
Sun Jun 21 04:07:08 CDT 2009

Aha, I see. I think that I shall begin with the installation of BSD 2.11.
The ESDI drive has 739 Mb of capacity... I guess if could be possible to
define more than one partition ar PC style...

I confess happily my ignorance, I'm a complete newbie (or nerd) in this
matter :-)

Another option could be to have a couple of drives... I suppose that I could
use two boards (the DQ696 and one RQDX3) in the PDP-11/23 PLUS... and I have
one MFM drive from one old PC ready to use.

This last question make think in something that I've read in some place or
file... Is it neccesary to start up with XXDP to format the MFM drives
connected to one RQDX3 ?


2009/6/20 Dave McGuire <mcguire at>

> On Jun 19, 2009, at 3:38 PM, SPC wrote:
>> Mmm... Interesting technique. Some special parm to use DD to write the
>> diverse OS's ? And with SIMH ?
>> I was thinking in RSTS, for example.
>  RSTS was the first OS I did it with.  No special parameters are necessary
> on either end.  The format simh uses for disk emulation is just a raw
> expanse of bytes, no weird stuff anywhere.  That makes things very easy.
>  Just use the correct disk type in simh to make the image file the right
> size.  Use "rauser" and set the size explicitly if you're using an MSCP disk
> that's not a "standard" DEC size like an RD54 or whatever, like for your
> ESDI controller.
>  I made a bootable XXDP RL02 pack using this trick just recently.  I
> transferred it to my 11/83 running 2.11BSD using FTP, cabled up an RL02
> drive, put in a pack, did the dd, shut down, then I could boot that RL02
> pack.
>            -Dave
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> Dave McGuire
> Port Charlotte, FL

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