National Semiconductor Mass Storage Handbook

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Jun 21 15:18:43 CDT 2009

> Tony,
> I have a datasheet for the DP8464 ( supposed to be similar to the 8468 ) and

That datasheet is on Datasheetarchive, so I'd got a pinout of that. The 
8468 is similar in consept, but has more pins (I think it only came in a 
PLCC package) and thus a diferent pinout

> a bunch of Application Notes for using that family of parts ( i.e. AN774,
> AN414, etc..). It would be helpful to know if it is a pulse detector, data
> separator or whatever function you think it might serve.

Thanks to Al Kossow, I've now seen all the datasheets (on bitsavers) and 
know that, alas, none of them apply to the chip I am looking at. The 
power and groudn pins don't agree, for example.

All I can tell you is that it's some kind of data encoder/decoder. The 
Read and Write data signals, together with the Read and Write clock lines 
go directly to it. I've not traced out enough to know more.

> I also have a datasheet for the AMD8751 / 8753 which are the EPROM versions
> of the factory mask ROM  8051 and 8053. The 8753 has 8 K of EPROM and same
> functionality as the 8051 / 8751 ( 4 K ROM / EPROM ).

If you've got the data sheets to hamd, can you check if it's the same 
pinout as the 8051, please (it looks to be).


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