11/03 score!!

steve shumaker shumaker at att.net
Sun Jun 21 18:51:27 CDT 2009

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Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Jun 21, 2009, at 4:53 PM, steve shumaker wrote:
>> Not sure how much of a score it is but I'm now the owner of what was 
>> described as a fully functioning pdp11/03.   This would be my first 
>> pdp unit
>> Cards installed are:
>> Cards are:
>> M8059KJ
>> M8186
>> M8639
>> M8028
>   That's a PDP-11/23, not a PDP-11/03.  The M8186 is a KDF11 processor 
> module.
>   In other words: SCORE!
That would explain why I wasn't finding in any of the cards associated 
with the 11/03.   So this unit was significantly upgraded in some fashion?
Date stamps on the 8059 and 8186 are jan 1985.  most other stamps are 
1980...  the unit was supposedly pulled from the internal network of the 
Borden Chemical Co but there are CompuServe inventory stickers on the 

>> I've done the obvious thing on bitsavers but whats a good place to 
>> start exploring with this unit?   There's no drives or console with 
>> it although there is a large ribbon cable attached  to the M8639 
>> card.  It also has a serial cable so one MIGHT be able to connect a 
>> console to it.
>   That's an RQDX1 disc controller board.  Pretty limited actually.  
> Was there anything on the other end of the ribbon cable?
The cable terminates in a DB50female connector and the "console" cable 
terminates in 4 wires into a bare db25male connector
>> Never had access to anything like this so it's all new..  The goal 
>> obviously is to assemble a complete system.
>   You are close...we just need to find you some sort of disk 
> subsystem.  What kind of chassis do you have?  Look for a number 
> starting with "BA" (BA11-xx, BA23, etc).  Or take a pic and I'll ID it 
> for you.
I look ed over the entire chassis but could see no BA series numbers.  
There are 2 11/03 model numbers in the back (looks like some sort of 
upgrade sequence) but nothing BA related.  Where would they be?

>             -Dave

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