SC/MP documents

SPC spedraja at
Fri Jun 26 06:47:45 CDT 2009

With all my respects, I think they would be better in one open repository as better than in one like which need of personal
registration. For some reason, my spam increments its volume in proportion
to these supossed 'confidential' subscriptions, and I'm lightly angry with
this matter.


2009/6/26 Holger Veit <holger.veit at>

> Hi,
> some weeks ago I sent a query for some old SC/MP documents to this
> list, and Lars generously offered me these docs for scanning and
> providing to the community.
> Now, with a longer delay, these docs are available here:
> and
> I think to download them from there as a pdf, you have to register at the
> site.
> I uploaded them there as there are some restrictions to provide them
> through
> my employer's site, but as I haven't seen them yet in Internet, I used this
> way
> to spread them to the interested classiccmp community here. Feel free to
> get them
> from there and reissue them in accordance to existing copyright issues.
> --
> Holger

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