SC/MP documents

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Fri Jun 26 12:08:48 CDT 2009

> With all my respects, I think they would be better in one open repository 
> as
> better than in one like which need of 
> personal
> registration. For some reason, my spam increments its volume in proportion
> to these supossed 'confidential' subscriptions, and I'm lightly angry with
> this matter.

    Sergio, I solved this problem with a "boi-de-piranha"* email account on 
gmail. EVERYTHING I register I use this e-mail, so I can filter spam with no 
troubles :o)

    Greetings from Brazil
    Alexandre, PU1BZZ

    *"Boi de piranha" is a brazilian expression. When people are moving cows 
thru the pastage and they need to pass thru a river, they always send the 
oldest and weakest cow first, because if there are "piranhas" (I think in 
english this carnivore fish is also called piranha) on the river, they will 
eat the least valuable cow, and leave others...So this expression applies to 
something that can be expendable, to save others.

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