Altos 586 disks

SPC spedraja at
Sat Jun 27 17:25:06 CDT 2009

FInally I could extract the information of the Altos 586 disks which I
mention some weeks ago. The fact was to convert the IMD files in BINARY
images. Then you can access them with the 'tar' command.

It works, but... the cobol set which was what I was searching comes only
with one disk, but they are TWO. You can note it when decompress the
existent disk with 'tar' in the Altos System in raw and noraw mode, and it
tell you:

"please, insert tape/disk number 2; then type 'y <return>' "

If you 'untar' the tar files in one pc and review the readme files you can
see too the fault of some important files as the COBOL compiler itself.

The question is: Some opportunity to obtain the lost second COBOL disk ?



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