HP Calc emulators

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 28 15:37:39 CDT 2009

Oops, too fast me and my big mouth ;-) 

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> > The first versions ran on a saturn processor the same as the HP-71B.
> The orignal Voyagers (11C, 12C, etc) used a _NUT_ processor, 
> similar to the one in an HP41. According to the datasheet 
> there are differences mostly relating to the different 
> battery voltage.
> Original 11Cs and 12Cs contained 2 chips. The smaller one is 
> the Nut CPU. 
> The larage one is the ROM/RAM/Display Driver, always known as 'R2D2'. 
> 16Cs are much the same, the 15C has a thrid chip which is 
> extra memory.

I found this from Eric Smith:


> Rik, I looked at your photos... It looks like some 9000/300 
> machines are going to be of interest to me. Darn, something 
> else to look for :-). And I love your vehicle :-)

Told you, the 300 series (some) are fun too ;-)
The DS is going to the painter half of august.
After that there will be more pictures.

> -tony

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