1541 drive emulators

Jim Brain brain at jbrain.com
Mon Jun 29 00:32:25 CDT 2009

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>>>    A friend of mine got a C128 and I want to make a drive emulator
>>> for him. I wasn't able to find anything suitable (e.g.: Runs in
>>> windows or linux, preferable windows, has schematics avaiable, free)
>>> in google. Anyone can help? :o)
>> Are you looking for hardware or software?  I really like Jim Brain's
>> uIEC, and it's fairly inexpensive.  Hands down the single best piece
>> of hardware I've ever purchased for my C-64!
>    I'm pretty sure it is! But I'm a bit "too far away" and short on 
> money :P So I'll have to find a locally reproductible option :)
Well, if you're handy with a soldering iron and you have a Linux or 
Windows PC with a parallel port (for programming), the uIEC design and 
the firmware are GPL.  The IDE version can be created with no surface 
mount components (ATMEGA644 DIP 40 pin + 40 pin IDE connector). 

It'll probably cost USD$15.00-20.00 or so in parts, though.


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