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SPC spedraja at
Mon Jun 29 16:15:44 CDT 2009

I've recovered too the Altos floppy unit. I could un-tar the first floppy of
the Cobol set as I did some days ago.

But I continue with a problem when I do one MKFS. It's related with the
writing of something but the message is not exccesively explicit. I should
need to access the source code of MKFS of this version.


2009/6/29 Tony Duell <ard at>

> >
> > Well... at least I could recover the PC floppy unit. But it took some
> time
> > and one diskette with clean liquid (not a cleaning diskette... I needed
> to
> > improvise).
> I've always found it best to remove the floppy drive and clean the
> head(s) with a cotton bud soaked in propan-2-ol. At the same time I clean
> the optical sensors (index, track 0, and write-protect, as applicable),
> since dirt there can cause all sorts of problems.
> -tony

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