YouTube video to repair screen rot

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Mar 1 14:50:16 CST 2009

> Dig out your RCA Receiving Tube handbook and look at the TV picture 

Alas over here Philips CRT dataooks are more common...

> > Yes, this would worry me also. Unless you know the exact reason for how 
> > the CRT was originally assembled, I would have though you shouldn't 
> > change anything.
> Atmospheric pressure is about 1 Kg/cm2, so the pressure on a 27 inch 
> CRT faceplate isn't negligible.  I'd be concerned.

It's considerale even for a 12" CRT (as used in most terminals)

Assuming a 4:3 screen aspect ratio, the sides and diagonal go as a 3:4:5 
triangle. So the height is 3/5*12", the width 4/5*12". 

So the screen area is 3*12*4*12/(5*5) or 69.12 square inches. Atmospheric 
pressure is about 14psi. So a total force on the screen of 968 or so 
pounds. Since there are 2240 pounds in a ton, that['s about 0.43 of a 
ton. Not inconsiderable.


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