VAX 11/780 on eBay

Ian King IanK at
Wed Mar 4 10:17:24 CST 2009

It's definitely missing the LSI-11 console machine as well as the RX01 boot floppy.  It looks like one of the CPU boards is mis-seated, which is nearly impossible to accomplish - so I don't quite understand the photo of the cardcage.  It's possible the CPU is incomplete, although it is true there are a couple of empty slots in the 11/785 CPU.

And yes, the price seems a bit inflated, even were it a complete machine.  -- Ian
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> Item 150330289821.  A bit expensive for my tastes.  Makes me wish I was
> independently wealthy and also had the space/power requirements for
> such a beast :).

No console?  And maybe a missing board or two on the left side, isn't that the CPU side?


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