Punched cards (Was: 1" paper tape buy ?

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Wed Mar 4 20:18:08 CST 2009

> My father used to claim that the only reason for existence of the
> round-hole, 90, 96 column cards was that IBM patented the particular
> rectangular shape of their holes.
> He also claimed that IBM patented the whole idea of using a brass
> roller
> for card reading, and that that ALMOST worked to cripple the rest of
> the
> industry, until somebody finally got photocell card reading working.

I wonder.  The original Hollerith cards had round holes.  And patents
were good for 17 years, so even if square holes were patented that
wouldn't necessarily explain round holes (depending on when).  Pointers
to patents would be helpful here...


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