is it possible to rebuild old c64 hardware enhancements?

Keith keithvz at
Thu Mar 5 11:09:45 CST 2009

Brian Lanning wrote:

> There's a
> also a guy in russia making memory expanders for the a600.

I've seriously contemplated making my own matching memory expansion 
module for my VXL/30 A500 cpu accelerator.  Fairly complicated because I 
have to create a DRAM controller.  Thinking FGPA w/ a pre-made memory 
controller core.

>  Then
> there's the mediator from elbox.  All we need now is for someone to
> make a new 68060 accelerator upgrade for the 1200 and/or the cpu slots
> like in the 2000.  Those seem unlikely inspite of the crazy prices
> those boards get on ebay.  Even 68040 upgrade boards would be
> exceedingly popular.

Yeah, it's absolutely amazing what prices those things command.  I'd 
love to get a back-up A500 accelerator board.

I've been buying/collecting all types of amiga documentation.  I've been 
trying to really figure how it works --- alot of stuff happening inside 
that computer from 20+ years ago.

I've made an external usb amiga floppy drive controller. Attaches to USB 
on PC and a regular 34-pin floppy drive -- creates .ADFs for archiving, 
emulators, etc.  Fun project. It's prototyped and not easily/cost 
effectively reproducible.  But lots of fun.

> brian


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