is it possible to rebuild old c64 hardware enhancements?

Jim Brain brain at
Thu Mar 5 17:25:02 CST 2009

Keith wrote:
> Dan Gahlinger wrote:
>> I remember the "super card" had many different things, like a "ram 
>> card" that went inside the 1541 drive.
>> is it possible to recreate these things? (I dont have any hardware 
>> any more)
>> Dan.
> Dan,
> Yes, it's absolutely possible.
> As a matter of fact I sort of get my rocks off on using the latest 
> brand new technology to solve old school problems.  The solutions are 
> often smaller, faster, better, etc.  I've done some work on some Amiga 
> related stuff and doing this is a lot of fun.
> Keith
In some respects, it's required, as the old technology disappears or 
becomes hard to use.  I've done a few such projects for the C64:

C=Key: A converter that allows one to use PS/2 keyboards (including the 
much loved Model M) on your C64/128/VIC/etc.
uIEC: Use CF and/or SD cards as drives on your CBM machine.


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