is it possible to rebuild old c64 hardware enhancements?

Jim Brain brain at
Thu Mar 5 18:29:57 CST 2009

Brian Lanning wrote:
> The same is true for networking.  Someone has made ethernet connectors
> for the 2e and c64.
Coincidentally, I'm readying an Ethernet cartridge for the C64/C128 this 
week for production:

It's jumper configurable (since this crowd loves jumpers) to allow a 
theoretical maximum of 16 ethernet cards in a C64 :-) (theoretically, 
since I'm not sure what the point would be, and the bus would degrade 
too far after a few carts).   I can definitely see value in 2 carts, 
though:  C64 firewall :-) (or 3 cards, with a Internal, External, and 
DMZ segments...)


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