1" paper tape buy ?

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Fri Mar 6 10:09:48 CST 2009

>>>>> "Henk" == Henk Gooijen <henk.gooijen at hotmail.com> writes:

 Henk> I received an answer from WNC after a question about the
 Henk> shipping costs.  I wanted to buy a quart package (7 rolls) and
 Henk> some 10 4" blue containers.  However, the shipping calculator
 Henk> on their site indicated a shipping cost which was way too much
 Henk> (shipping to The Netherlands).  They would look into it
 Henk> ... that was 3 weeks ago, and I never heard back.

 Henk> But there is also good news!  Herbert pointed me to ebay item
 Henk> #230099227038. This guy, Jeff, lists 1" paper rolls for just $4
 Henk> per box. And in a box are 7 rolls!  That is a bargain, and I
 Henk> bought 2 boxes. Shipping costst are $101.50,  ...

I recently needed to ship a 5 pound box from the US to Holland, so I
did some checking.  UPS and FedEx and their competition all wanted
over $100 for that, cheapest rate.

So I checked the post office.  USPS would do the same for about $30,
"priority mail".  The big difference is that you don't get package
tracking.  But it still goes by air as far as I can tell.  It seems
that the old cheap "surface mail" across the ocean no longer exists.

So next time you need a cross-ocean shipment, check the post office,
they are likely to be the best answer.


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