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Mon Mar 9 03:15:56 CDT 2009

Pontus <pontus at> wrote:

> Tobias Russell wrote:
>> > Yep, but I would make the space. Alas though the logistics of getting it
>> > across the Atlantic are too great so I'll have to keep dreaming of such
>> > things.
>> >
>> > Out of interest any fellow DEC collectors got an RP series disk on any
>> > of their machines? The last ones I saw was about 20 years ago on an
>> > 11/40.
>> >
>> > Toby
>> >   
> The local computer club has RP06 and RP07 that was connected to a
> DECsystem-20, but they have not been running for many years.

Actually, two RP06 and one RP07 ran on Magica (one of our 11/70) a 
little more than 10 years ago.
AIDA (2060) ran with one RP07 and three RP06 until 19 years ago.
CARMEN (2060) ran with one RP07 and one RP06 until 15 years ago.

All the hardware is still around, but only the 11/70 sees some action 
these days, and then with RA90 disks (as you know ;-) ).

I would think that the disk drives and packs are still fine, but we 
should probably be a bit careful when/if starting them up.


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