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> > A Radius card would go nicely in a unit like this, though.
> ok, so I'll start shopping for that.
> I'm having a hard time telling the difference between the video cards.
>  They all look the same to me although I'm sure some are better than
> others.

If you find some specifics, post them to the list and we'll tell you yes
or no. As you can see there is no shortage of classic Mac knowledge :)

> I have a iifx also which has two video cards in it.  The video cards
> look like they're from apple and seem to be working together to
> improve performance.  But again, I'm not sure if those two together
> are better or worse than one newer video card.

The IIfx's "banner" video card was, ironically, the 8*24*GC, which is a card
you should *not* use with the Q700 (see my last E-mail for why).

You can use certain NuBus cards to speed up other NuBus cards. Cards that
support slave NuBus block transfers can be sped up by NuBus cards that support
bus mastering. The GC, again, is one of these and can speed up its slower
cousins like the 4*8 and straight 8*24. I think some Radius and Supermac
cards can also.

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