What's needed for a minimal HP-1000 series E/(F?) system?

Steve Robertson steerex at ccvn.com
Wed Mar 11 07:00:25 CDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 10:49 +0100, Christian Corti wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Mar 2009, Josh Dersch wrote:
> > Front:
> > DCPC slot    - D.C.P.C board
> > 111          - Memory Protect
> > 112          - M.E.M.
> > .
> > .
> > .
> > 121          - 64K HSM
> > 122          - 64K HSM
> > 123          - MEM CNTLR    (cabled to 122 & 121 on left-side connector via 
> > ribbon cable)
> This isn't much memory.

I guess that depends on what you want to use it for. If you want to
toggle in small programs and learn how the thing works, a couple of
hundred words would be more than enough. While 128K words isn't much in
modern terms, it's plenty to do some really interesting things.

In your situation, I'd start toggling in some programs and see what it

> > Rear:
> > 10           - F.E.M.
> > 12           - BACI
> > 14           - BUS I/O
> I'd put the BACI into slot 11 and the Bus I/O into 12 (avoid empty 
> slots between cards). You need an HP terminal (e.g. a 2648A with 
> cartridges) or an emulation which provides the fast binary load feature in 
> order to boot from the terminal as you don't have anything else to boot 
> from. And I recommend a TBG (time base generator).

> > The 1000E (2113E) is empty aside from the power-supply & mainboard and a 
> > single F.E.M. card in slot 10.  The F.E.M. is cabled to the main board via a 
> > ribbon cable (this ribbon cable is not present on the 1000F).  I assume this 
> > machine isn't going to do much as it is.
> Right, this machine would do nothing.

Actually, the machine is usable in it's current configuration. Once
again, it depends on what you want to use it for.

Finding a 2648A terminal with cartridges and software properly
configured for your machine will not be easy. IMHO, The easiest way to
boot the computer from an external device is to use the BACI board and
upload programs serially from a PC.

Toggle in a few instructions on the front panel, establish a serial link
from the PC, and upload the program. Can't get much simpler than that.
Although, I did have to write a program on my Linux box to upload the

Check the BOOT ROMS (below the MEM cards) and see what device(s) they
are for. I'd be willing to bet one of them is for the 2648A. In that
case, you don't have to toggle in anything on the HP1000.

If you are hardware guy, you could also build a parallel interface and
upload data (programs) through the bus I/O card. I've done that as well.

Either mechanism will work.

If you want a full blown RTE machine... You've got you work cut out.

A few weeks ago, someone had a bunch of cards for sale on eBay. As I
recall, most of them were in the $30-$50 range. Not that bad a deal if
you only need one or two to get a machine running.

Check bitsavers... There is quite a bit of information about these
machines in the archive.

See yas, SteveRob

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