OT: Longshot: Looking for Sony PSOne accessories.

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>> I was given a PSOne game console recently.  Just the console.  Does
>> anyone have cables & controllers collecting dust?
> I dunno if it'll help, but in my experience PS2 controllers and cables
> work with the PS and PSone.
> I may have something I can pop in the post to you; I'll have a
> look-see.  But probably not before Tuesday.
> In an attempt to keep this at least slightly on-topic, has anyone else
> played with interfacing PS/PS2 stuff to general-purpose computers?  I
> did a little of that a few years back and would like to resurrect the
> project....
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Quite a few people used the PSone LCD panels to make other portable machines 
and other stuff like that. The only Playstation I have is one of the 
original 1001 models that was modded.

Know of anybody that ever made use of the serial and parallel ports on the 
original PS1's?


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