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Brian Lanning brianlanning at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 16:09:45 CDT 2009

It looks like my this post from a few days ago vanished, so I'm
sending it again.  My apologies if you get it twice.

I visited Mike Lee today and brought home an Apple iie and iigs.
(thanks mike)   He and I were talking about lists of wanted hardware.
I think it might be useful for people to send around a list once a
month or some other interval listing what we're after and maybe what
we have to trade.
Maybe we can bring it to the meeting later this month.  (is that still on?)

So I guess I'll start.  :-)

Here's what I'm willing to trade:

A working amiga 2000 with a hard drive card and two floppy drives.  I
can include a mouse, but not a keyboard.

I also have a Commodore 128D.

Here's what I'm after:

Commodore 64c with a 1541c, 1541-2, or 1571
A few dead (or alive) 1571s that I can hack

Amiga 500
Working Amiga 600 keyboard
Amiga 1200, dead ok.
CPU upgrades for the 2000 (040+) or any for the 1200
Really, any amiga peripheral or upgrade

A board that would allow some sort of hard drive on the iie and iigs,
so if you have something like a vulcan or scsi controller lying
around...  :-)

Internal scsi devices that aren't fixed disks or tape drives, so
things like zip or jaz drives, etc.

An NEC Multisync 3D monitor

A clean IBM 5150 case I can hack
A clean IBM 5170 case I can hack

3.5" and 5.25" double density floppies I can feed to the catweasel
One of those 200-400 disk dvd changers
A smallish audio mixing board

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