dumb rx01 image question

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Thu Mar 19 12:29:25 CDT 2009

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Parker <brad at heeltoe.com> writes:

 Brad> Alexander Voropay wrote:
 >> http://www.dbit.com/pub/putr/

 Brad> I love putr, but it requires dos.

 Brad> I don't think the problem in interleave, as the resulting
 Brad> images work perfectly with simh (as I said before).  Simh
 Brad> treats them as a big byte stream and does not deinterleave.

 Brad> (plus, if you use the controller to read sectors by number, you
 Brad> automagically deinterleave)

I'm not so sure about that.  The RX01 driver I looked at did the
interleave and skew I described in software.

If you're running RT11 on SIMH to read your RX01 images, the RT11
driver would be doing any necessary block number translation.  But if
you're trying to read the image directly then you have to do the


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