What's needed for a minimal HP-1000 series E/(F?) system?

J. David Bryan jdbryan at acm.org
Thu Mar 19 12:43:19 CDT 2009

On Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 20:52, Glen Slick wrote:

> Any idea on these ROMs that I have on an FEM in addition to a standard
> set of F-Series ROMs? 
> 59872-80001, 59872-80002, 59872-80003   Module 48, 49, 50, 51
> (1010111000)

Here's an excerpt from an internal HP product list that I obtained via Al 

                  HP1000 Products

                               Support     Lab      Product #    EOS

  GC/MS(A)                     SID         SID      59872C
  GC/MS(6/VM)                  SID         SID      59872E&59872F


  SID   Scientific Instruments Division

The 1986 HP T&M catalog (e.g.) mentions a Gas Chromatograph/Mass 
Spectrometer that uses a 1000 RTE-6/VM system as a control and data 
processor on page 736.  From the picture, it's a monster, so I suspect that 
your ROMs are accelerators for the data processing part.

                                      -- Dave

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