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Mon Mar 23 10:28:57 CDT 2009

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 12:07:40 -0300, Alexandre Souza wrote:

>> I almost made a laser projector last year, but I was having problems
>> sourcing mirror material at the South Pole.  One thought was gutting a
>> laser printer or a copier (ISTR there's a front-surface mirror in
>> there somewhere that's as wide as the paper path), but there was
>> nothing suitable scrapped while I was down there.  Now that I'm home,
>> I'm keeping an eye out for a cheap/free printer to scavenge.  I
>> already have the semiconductor laser, naturally - the grocery store
>> was selling laser levels for less than the cost of lunch.

>    Ethan, in a laser printer there is an hexagonal (or n-sides, don't 
>remember) mirror that you can easily use to scan a horizontal section

The near paper width fixed mirror you are thinking of, is used to fold the
light path. Horizonal scan is easly is creared by a spinner and I can think 
of several winchester drives that could provide the mechanical energy 
for doing vertical scan. I understand the idea of repurposing a classic 
diskdrive may be repulsive to some on this list :-)

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