Old Timers [was: CompuPro CPU-68000]

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I think that's so cool I Googled the title and found:


...where they sell the entire series of six books for $38, including shipping.  I fondly recall wrapping coils and mounting tube sockets on crate ends, and it occurs to me I'd like my child to experience that.  I always thought it was something akin to magical to collect a bunch of inanimate "stuff" and assemble it into a whole greater than its parts.  -- Ian 

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> > When I was a boy, my father thought he'd show me how he made radios
> > when he was young.  So he went down to the local electronics parts
> > jobber and asked for a UV201.
> As I've said several times before, I suspect '01s are a lot easier to
> find _now_ than some parts for, perhaps, 10 year old computers.
> > I think he had to settle for something like a 1G4G, but he built a
> > regenerative circuit up nicely, with hand-wound coils on a shellacked
> > paper form, all surface-mounted on a piece of clear pine.  It was a
> > thing of beauty.  No vario-couplers or book-type tuning capacitors,
> > but it still worked.
> There's a nice little series of books called 'The Impoverished Radio
> Experimenter' which have designes for 'breadboard' receivers. They use
> octal-base valves plugged into those screw-terminal sockets normally
> used
> for holding power relays. Home-wound coils, of course (even the IF
> transformers in the superhet).
> > Although it was dated, it served to push me along my career path.
> > Just think, I might have been a hedge-fund manager or television
> > sitcom producer instead...
> Alas I know too well what you mean :-(
> Given that I don't think in terms of programming, and am much happer
> with
> a scheamtic than with a VHDL listing, and that I am much, much, happier
> with a 'scope than a simulator, is there any hope for me? Or should i
> connect myself between the anode and cathode of an 807 running at full
> power?
> -tony

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