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steve stutman steve at
Mon Mar 23 20:11:12 CDT 2009

feedle wrote:
> Fred Cisin wrote:
>> However, those of us who were using the word BEFORE it changed can 
>> not be
>> forced to use the "modern" form.
> I don't object to you using anachronistic forms of words, if that is 
> what you are in to.
> However, don't insist you are right, and belittle or demean those who 
> use the language according to commonly accepted patterns.
> I used to fight "baud" vs. "bps".  Not only was it not worth the 
> breath I wasted, in the end it became irrelevant, as datacom speeds 
> accelerated to the megabits per second now seen on home DSL/cable 
> connections.


Yeah, you be jammin, so like supposably you maybe like moving like dater 
and like idears eck setra.


I read, some years ago, about the opinions of a modern UK chief 
lexicographer. He discussed various nuances he found in American slang. 
He discussed the transition of words from slang to mainstream language. 
It was very interesting. His interpretations of the nuances he referred 
to were wrong. Perhaps he will get a job at Treasury (or exchequer).

I still use MOSFETs and HexFETs.

Perhaps the use of descriptive terminology is archaic and we should just 
call everything, everywhere, "stuff"?  By so doing, we can get more 
people excited about what we are doing and not cause any confusion 
amongst people who do not know the (previously) correct terminology. The 
need to teach might be reduced, thus saving valuable government funds to 
bail-out foolish "financial people" while purchasing a formal tux for 
the emperor. No one would be discriminated against on the basis of 
trivialities such as knowledge and ability.

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