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Wed Mar 25 09:42:33 CDT 2009

From: Brian Lanning <brianlanning at>
Subject: apple 2e bin file source
> I'd like to do the same for the apple 2e, but I can't find bin files
> anywhere.  The usual torrent sites are full of amiga and c64 software,
> but not apple 2e.  Does anyone have a source for these files?  I
> especially need the appledos 3.3 and/or prodos disks.  Thanks.

I'm not sure what you mean by BIN files.  Apple II software is
usually distributed as disk images that can be use in an
emulator or transferred to real diskettes.  The files are so
small (an Apple II disk is 140KB) that bittorrent is not used.

See disk images at
See the FAQ at

Paul R. Santa-Maria
Maumee, Ohio USA

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