Need VMS media for Itanium

Stuart Johnson ssj152 at
Sat Mar 28 13:28:22 CDT 2009

I've just purchased a small Itanium server, a HP RX2600. I see that it  
will run Windows Server, Linux, and best of all - OpenVMS.

Since there isn't a hobby distribution for 8.3-x (both OS and Layered  
Products), will someone with the current media who is willing to share  
please contact me off-list? I will gladly provide media and pay  
postage, etc.

I am a LONG time member of DECUS, and later Encompass and a member on  
the hobbyist site. I joined DECUS in 1981 when I was working with  
PDP-11's. I've been working with VAXen since 1983, and more recently  
Alpha's. This Itanium will be a new and welcome (I hope) experience  
for me.

I miss VAX assembler, it was like programming in a high-level language  
compared to anything else I've worked with.

Thanks in advance,
Stuart J., on list as ssj152

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