language misuse (Was:LASER scope )

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Sun Mar 29 05:16:45 CDT 2009

Scanning wrote:
> I refuse to voluntarily contribute to any further bastardization of the
> technical language. Just because the great un-washed call it a laser or
> radar doesn't mean it is technically correct. Why not just abolish
> capitalizing acronyms all together ? I cringe when I hear idiots on
> commercials talking about RPMs or MPGs as if you can pluralize them. What is
> next, pressure in Inches Per Seconds ? Society as a whole is ignorant enough
> without furthering the cause. And yes a car has an internal combustion
> engine, not a motor. As a technical group we should help preserve technical
> correctness ( not political correctness ). We the folks that have been
> around ( some of us almost from the beginning ) have an obligation to not
> only preserve vintage hardware and software for the next generations but
> also to preserve the correct verbiage that describes it. Baud should mean
> baud and nothing else. I understand that language can change over time ( I
> can't say I'm having a gay time anymore ) but I won't let the language get
> trashed by people that don't know any better. And why is it that I can have
> a mailbox with one letter or a whole bunch and it is still called mail, but
> if it is in my Inbox it is called Emails ? I'm starting to sound like Andy
> Rooney, must be time to get if the soap box....

Shall all those kids get off your lawn now?

Peace...  Sridhar

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