I [don't] hate E-Bay (was Cromemco 68000 on ebay)

Paxton Hoag innfoclassics at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 21:16:55 CDT 2009

I still will take USPS and some other money orders, (also cash)
however eBay doesn't let me say that in the listing now. I do mention
in my text that I do take other forms of payment. I have been selling
on ebay for a decade now with few problems. My feedback is 100% (837)
and I get kudos for my packaging! ( I lose money on that, it takes a
lot more time than I estimate.)

I like selling to computer collectors all over the world. Rarely do I
have any problems but that is because I try to accurately describe the
item. Maybe too much as I never seem to get these high prices people
talk about.

I also have been buying more lately because it is so easy. I do my
homework, check what other similar items have sold for. Check the
other person's feedback...and what they traditionally sell. Put the
item on my items on my "Watching" list. (cheap buy it nows will show
up there first). If I am serious i put in a token bid at the beginning
and try to snipe at the end. By personal observation over many years I
get things cheaper that way.

I think there are a lot more reliable ebay users on both sides than
unreliable ones. Close reading of the posting and their feedback will
give one a good idea of reliabiliry. If they seem  unreliable I walk
away.I read lots of feedback reports.

Packing is my biggest complaint. Few people know how to pack.So I
don't buy fragile items. And if I do I ask about shipping before the
item closes, to make sure it will be packed to my specifications.
Unfortunitely, I compare packing to mine and few compare. I try to buy
from local cheap resellers on eBay where I can schedule a pickup if

I don't qualify for credit either and do not have a credit card.
However Paypal recently (after being with them for 7 years) gave me a
debit card which I really appreciate. I don't like their combined fees
but you pay for convenience. And I find the pair convenient to sell
and find classic electronics.

They want you to make "Paypal Only" the default but you do not have
to. And I don't.

Ebay is not my favorite auction format but I think it gets the most
"eyes" on your item. That is why I use it. It is part of the "internet
revolution". I bought a printer in the latest local GSA sale, a TI 880
(a classic, over 10 years old), and will sell it on ebay.


Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR

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