More broken Apples...

Warren Wolfe lists at
Fri May 1 18:37:28 CDT 2009

Fred Cisin wrote:
> On Fri, 1 May 2009, Tony Duell wrote:
>> Far too often, things that are 'easy to use' (really meaning 'easy to
>> learn') make simple jobs trivial, but difficult jobs next-to-impossible.
>> Since I don't generally have problems doing simple jobs, you can tell
>> which sort of product I prefer...
> Strangely, I could never get that idea across to Jef Raskin.
I was shocked at how many people believed that the value of a word 
processing program was inversely proportional to the time it took a 
brain-damaged chimpanzee (or novice user, whichever is more convenient) 
to crank out a thank you note for the first time.  That was it, end of 
story.  I would always ask questions, and almost always just got a blank 
stare in reply:

Don't you want a program that lets you improve your efficiency?

Will you always be a total noob, or do you expect to understand your 
computer one day?

How fast are good typists who use this program?

Are there "speed keys" for any of these functions?


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