More P112 boards coming

David Griffith dgriffi at
Mon May 4 03:13:10 CDT 2009

On Sun, 3 May 2009, Steven Hirsch wrote:

> On Sat, 2 May 2009, David Griffith wrote:
>> 1) Depending on how many 32k chips I have left, I may go ahead and make 1M 
>> modules of the sort that Terry made up a while ago.  512k chips in DIP 
>> packages is very expensive, but for SMT packages, it's very cheap.  The 1M 
>> module is nothing more than a daughterboard that plugs into the P112 and 
>> behaves exactly like a pair of DIPs.
> David,
> What do you consider expensive for 512k SRAM?  I just purchased a couple from 
> Jameco for < $10 ea.  Might be even less in quantity.

Someone pointed that out privately.  I might go for them.  Last time I did 
the project, those chips were on the order of $17 apiece, which is a big 
reason why Terry came up with the SMT modules.

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