ZN428E chip need pinout

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Mon May 4 13:08:20 CDT 2009

Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> There was a PC version called the
>> "Disney Sound Source" from that brief era between silent PCs and the
>> first "multimedia" games.  I have one from testing games for
>> Activision in the early 1990s.
> There was also the Covox Speech Thing, which ISTR was basically the same 
> thing. "Everyday Practical Electronics" magazine also published a design 
> called the "EPE SounDAC" in 1996 (!) which was apparently very similar 
> to the Covox, but I haven't seen the design for that. I did build an 
> R-2R DAC for a laptop way-back-when, though... $DEITY knows what 
> happened to the thing.

I did the ladder DAC route too, way back in the early days of adding trivial 
sound to PCs - then went with a ZN428E solution. IIRC various pieces of 
audio-playback software* supported them, along with a few games (I think 
Wolfenstein 3D was possibly one of the latter)

* I think I found the ASCII-based schematic that I used bundled with one of 
them, actually.

I can't remember if I still have the ZN428E board - I was terrible for 
building projects, using them for a while, then growing bored of them and 
salvaging all the useful components for other things :-)



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