Bitsavers size in historical units

Tony Duell ard at
Mon May 4 13:26:37 CDT 2009

>    You and me both.  The people who came up with that need to be  

And me....

> beaten severely.  Then they need to find a hobby to take up their  
> obvious excess of free time so they won't try something like this again.

The stocks and/or pillory would seem to come in rather handy here :-)

>    The other one that really gets me was the (thankfully short-lived)  
> effort to replace the traditional "master/slave" ATA terminology with  
> "master/subordinate", because some professionally offended person  
> couldn't handle even the mention of the word "slave".

ARGH!!!. I assume they're not well-educated enough to want to rename 
'servomechansisms' too...

Let's hope they never get their hands on physics. They'd have a field day 
with the term for 'the spectrum of radiation emitted by a perfect 
absorber at temperature T' :-)


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